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English & Spanish & Bilingual Teaching Certificate
 Correspondence Program


English and Spanish are communication standards for many nations. Native  English and  Spanish People are masters of these standards. They can help foreigners to learn  English or  Spanish for business, education, art, traveling and many other  purposes. Do you  plan to  have a teaching job and teach  English or  Spanish  to speakers of other  languages? Do you  need a better pay and opportunity to  travel around the world and teach?

TESOL & TSSOL: Correspondence Teacher Training

We offer correspondence  TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and  TSSOL (Teaching Spanish to speakers of Other Languages) Training Programs for as  low  as $299 per month (Two months program) for  US citizens only. We also offer bilingual teaching certificate (teach English and Spanish at the same time). Our teaching diploma is recognized in United States, Canada, European Union Countries and  other continents. Correspondence program enables you to complete your  training offline in your spare time. Help and supervision  by  university academics in our organization  is a phone  call  away. You can ask all  you need, at anytime to our trainers by  phone. Click here for details.

Job Opportunities for ESL & SSL Teachers

Job  offers in  Japan,  Korea and  other developed overseas  locations cover your traveling expenses,  accommodation, insurance and provides you a perfect chance to save money. Would you like to travel around the world and return to your home  with a  great  saving to  start  your own  business or pay for your  university  education, or pay the down payment of your first house? This isn't a dream. It is a plan.  Many ESL and SSL teachers achieved their goals. We guarantee job replacement.

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